Woodburning Workshop

Woodburning Workshop

Court O'Reilly

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Learn to burn!

Woodburning, also known as pyrography, is a craft on the rise and now you can learn how to get started with the expert advice in this book from the renowned wood artist, Court O'Reilly. The book starts with an introduction to the necessary tools and supplies. You'll learn how to pick the wood burner that is right for you and how to safely use it. You'll start simply by learning how to burn straight lines, curved lines, shapes, and letters. Then, you will progress on to more complex skills such as shading and making intricate textures like scales. After you have mastered the basics, you will move on to a series of ten artistic projects, each one presenting a new skill, technique, or concept. You'll practice lettering while making a beautiful welcome sign and shading while making a gorgeous charcuterie board with flowers. Eventually, you will advance to making detailed wildlife portraits with realistic features such as fur and eyes. Each project is truly unique and totally within your reach.

  • Create 10 artistic nature-inspired projects, each one presenting a new skill, technique, or concept
  • Nature lovers and those who love rustic design will enjoy the slow, meditative, and sensory craft
  • Using just a few tools and simple, easy-to-get materials you, too, can create works of art