Wild Watercolour: Connect to the natural world through the art of painting

Wild Watercolour: Connect to the natural world through the art of painting

Inga Buividavice

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Discover your inner artist and deep connection with nature with this striking project book on the basics of watercolor from Inga Buividavice.

This simple guide book starts with 
the beginner basics of watercolor art techniques, coaching you for painting success by showing you how to recreate nature’s wildlife and habitats.

Experience how the practical medium of painting in watercolor can connect us to inner and outer nature, and be freeing, joyful, and wild! Each step-by-step project introduces a new watercolor technique.

Learn the basics with 
guided exercises showing you how to depict your favorite animals in watercolor, including:

  • Dry brush on wet effect – red pandas
  • Wet brush on wet effect – beetles
  • Glazing – ladybirds
  • Blooms – hare silhouettes
  • Pulling technique – frogs
  • Watercolor and ink – koi fish
  • Using masking tape – snake
  • Using different textures – turtles
  • Expressive features – flamingos
  • Using space – dolphins
  • Different brush strokes – chameleons
  • Painting patterns – butterflies

With mindful reflections on the 
meditative benefits of watercolor, experiment and develop your skills, all whilst taking inspiration from the world around you. Once you’ve learned the power of the paintbrush, let your creativity blossom by stumbling into nature! This stunning project book guides you to become an independent watercolorist, painting what you see when the meditative moment strikes.

A book for anyone who wants to learn the calming art of watercolor, connect with their inner artist and be inspired by the wonderful wildlife all around us. Create a space of mindful calm as you settle down with your brush and paper and learn how watercolor can open up a world of serenity, creativity and appreciation of nature.