Why We Quilt: Contemporary Makers Speak Out about the Power of Art, Activism, Community, and Creativity

Thomas Knauer

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In this tribute to today’s vibrant quilting community, prize-winning quilter and teacher Thomas Knauer showcases a stunning collection of quilts from a wide range of contemporary makers, accompanied by their testimonials about what inspires and imbues their craft with meaning. From temperance quilts to the AIDS quilt, there’s a rich history of individuals and communities using fabric and thread to connect with others and express themselves, both personally and politically. Why We Quilt blends bits of this history with the stories and work of today’s leading quilters, highlighting themes of tradition, community, consumerism, change, and creativity. With a unique die-cut cover and a richly layered design, this book will enthrall designers, quilters, and all types of handcraft enthusiasts.



30-31 © Earamichia Brown

34-35© Kathy York

50-51© Nydia Kehnle

56-57 © Cheryl Brickey, quilted by Cheryl Brickey using Christa Watson’s pattern “Rain” from Machine Quilting with Style (Martingale, 2015)

156-157© 2013 Linda Gass, Photograph by Don Tuttle

172-173© Latifah Saafir, v c.l.