When Bad things Happen to Good Quilters (T)

When Bad things Happen to Good Quilters (T)

Joan Ford

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Jump start your stalled projects. When Bad Things Happen to Good Quilters is a guide to help you resolve your quilting problems and bring your project back to life. In addition, this must-have book includes 4 new projects:

  • Miter Touch Quilt – preprinted panel with several mitered borders
  • Panel Panache – paneled quilt with fun and unusual designs
  • Sweet Tweet Table Runner – quilted table runner with bird details and wonderful hexagonal piecing
  • T-Shirt Quilt – turn your favorite T-shirt into a quilt

UFO's (Un Finished Objects). We all start our quilting projects with the best intentions, but a difficult technique, mismatched fabrics, or a mistake in the pattern can bring the project to a screeching halt. Joan Ford’s can-do advice and practical problem solving approach is exactly the help needed to get your projects back on track. You’ll turn to this guide again and again because it is...

  • A comprehensive, emergency quilting instruction guide.
  • Perfect for first-time quilters, skilled quilters, and anyone who needs help when a quilting project has stalled.

Rev up your projects with funny, can-do, practical problem-solving. Popular instructor Joan Ford offers helpful, clear instruction and all the guidance quilters need to kick their projects into gear.

  • Novices are led through the quilting process
  • Experienced quilters learn to resolve complicated setbacks
  • Expert troubleshooting advice is clearly laid out
  • Basic quilting knowledge– required materials, sewing blocks, and caring for your quilt – plus 4 new projects to fire up your creativity
  • 10 colorful photographs and 120 illustrations offer a visual guide