Twist & Turn Quilts: 6 Curved-Piecing Projects

Twist & Turn Quilts: 6 Curved-Piecing Projects

Cinzia White

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Challenge yourself with an intricate curved-piecing design

Stunning movement in a quilt; a chain of arrows directs the viewer's eyes to follow and explore the quilt through the middle of the paths! This original design is suitable for various fabrics and highlights exquisite circular and hexagonal patterns. Interlocking paths are the foundation for all six quilt projects ― king-size quilt, queen-size quilt, double-queen quilt, twin-size quilts (2), and lap. Each project size has its own design and instructions. Beginners can enjoy the process using the simple step-by-step instructions, but along the way, enjoy the satisfaction of completing an intricate and advanced quilt.

  • Infinite design possibilities ― every quilt can be different simply through fabric selection

  • Perfect for hand or machine piecing

  • Step by step instructions make this advanced-level project easy