Traditional Dyeing

Traditional Dyeing

Lynn Huggins-Cooper

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This book offers a whistle-stop guide to the history of dyeing. The story begins in prehistory when people discovered and used the glory of colors created by earth pigments, plants and more. We move through history from the medieval dye gardens to the horrors of chemical dyes from the Victorian era that damaged watercourses, created pollution and caused terrible sickness and untold deaths. Today, along with safe commercial dyes, modern ‘cottage industries’ are once more the leaders in the innovative use of dye plants.

The second part of the book brings us up to date, via interviews with modern day artisans. These dye workers generously allowed the author access to their studios and creative lives and discussed the way they use and adapt traditional methods, techniques and tools for the twenty-first century. Photos of their craft offers a unique window into the world of dyes.

Finally, if you are inspired to try your hand at this fascinating craft, the book has a section that explains simple eco dyeing and planning your own dye garden. It also has a resources section containing a valuable list of suppliers of plants, seeds, dyes, tools and materials, as well as information about training courses, useful websites and more – everything you need to get started!