The Ultimate Guide to Transfer Artist Paper

The Ultimate Guide to Transfer Artist Paper

Lesley Riley

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TAP into your creativity!

Get inspired with the ultimate guide to Lesley Riley's best-selling TAP Transfer Artist Paper! Create innovative projects by transferring photos and art onto your surface of choice. Learn the artful process of transferring onto fabric, paper, canvas, wood, metal, mica, glass, Lutradur, kraft•tex, cork, leather, encaustic, and polymer clay―as well as how to paint, draw, color, and layer on TAP. There's no end to the mixed-media crafts you can create! TAP is a premium-quality paper that makes for excellent gifts, mementos, decoration, and more. Don't miss out on all the fun: start TAP'ing into the endless craft possibilities!

  • Discover techniques and valuable tips and tricks for transferring photos and art onto a variety of surfaces

  • Includes 15 original TAP projects to help crafters think outside the box

  • New and improved TAP formula is easy to use and printer-friendly with crisp and colorfast results