The Stuff: Upholstery, Fabric, Frame

The Stuff: Upholstery, Fabric, Frame

Lorraine Osborne

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Top upholsterer Lorraine Osborne guides you in how to unleash creativity and flaunt your style through upholstering old chairs. Far too much furniture is thrown away--and with it the perfectly good materials and resources it contains that ought to be reused. It's time we changed that. It's not the furniture that's lacking: it's our imaginations. Includes how-tos and encouragement for designing your own fabrics. Choosing to reinvent a forgotten chair not only gives it new life, but inspires you to see the new in the old and the fabulous in the drab. All that you need are a few basic upholstery skills, an ability to work three-dimensionally, and an eye for shape and design--plus your own personal style and a bit of flair. Insider features include ways to calculate quantities of fabric accurately, and 12 of Lorraine's top tips for making your furniture projects amazing.