The Sewing Guide to Cancer (or Other Very Annoying Long Term Illnesses)  **Release 2/6/24

The Sewing Guide to Cancer (or Other Very Annoying Long Term Illnesses) **Release 2/6/24

Heather Grant

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A unique sewing guide for friends and families of loved ones fighting cancer with 27 ideas for genuinely useful gifts, selected by cancer-fighting patients

For those diagnosed with cancer, you know that you do not “beat” cancer. You wait for it to come back. Conceived by friends Susanne Woods and Heather Grant, who both fought cancer, The Sewing Guide to Cancer was made specifically for their friends and loved ones that would tread on eggshells, wanting to help but not knowing what to do. Now there won’t be any questions. Inside, you’ll find 27 genuinely useful sewing projects—designed by two women who have been there—for friends and family to create and give to those fighting cancer. The projects have been designed by 23 industry leaders.

With their guidance, you’ll be able to design a number of useful gifts such as a weighted blanket, hug pillow, infusion bag, robe, seatbelt cover, port shirt, and more. Written with a great deal of black humor, the book offers ideas and guidance to the support team. No longer will those fighting cancer have to endure a multitude of pasta bakes from concerned loved ones. Susanne Woods lost her fight in 2020.

To honor her and the many others, all profits from the book will go to the American Cancer Society.

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