Tangled Circles and Mandalas

Tangled Circles and Mandalas

Jane Monk

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Tangled Circles and Mandalas explores these beautiful, mystical shapes and designs, which can take artists and coloring enthusiasts to the heart of meditative creativity, relaxation, and peace.

The word mandala in Sanskrit means "circle," which is associated with the concepts of wholeness, unity, harmony, family, community, and the cycle of life. Mandala experts believe that these circles help practitioners focus inwardly, on the spiritual world.

This art book opens with a brief overview of mandalas and the power of symmetry in sacred geometry. Then you'll be off and coloring and drawing in pages designed to focus your mind and soothe anxieties. Unlike painting, you don't need to have refined art skills create a masterpiece. Reduce stress levels, elevate focus, and arrive at a sense of well-being, with Tangled Circles and Mandalas.

The low-stress technique and minimal material requirements make tangling easy to try and easy for people to succeed with. The 52 illustrations include 32 circles and mandalas to complete and color with tangle and other patterns, plus20 starter illustrations for creating your own circles and mandala art.