Stitching Through the Seasons

Stitching Through the Seasons

Yumiko Higuchi

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Beautiful guided stitchwork for every season—featuring fall pumpkins and mushroom wreaths, winter skiers, spring blossoms, summer vegetables, and more!

​​With 56 unique embroidery pieces to reflect the seasons, this next book from beloved author Yumiko Higuchi takes creatives on a month-by-month exploration of colorful motifs that can be used on a variety of fabrics and surfaces. Each month starts with an emblem of the month number, such as a vibrant poppy wreath for May, a viny pumpkin for October, and sprigs of mistletoe and Christmas roses for December. Each emblem perfectly captures the spirit of the month, and the subsequent patterns for each month follow the seasonal theme.

​Each design in the book is accompanied by step-by-step instructions for recreating it, including stitch types, thread colors by number, and thread type. There is also a detailed section on how to perform certain stitches and knots to guide beginners.   

Whether embroidering a new dress, a pillowcase, a bag, or even a jar cover for jam, 
Stitching through the Seasons has charming patterns that are sure to spark creativity and festivity for embroiderers both experienced and just starting out.