Step-by-Step Pyrography for Beginners (Sourcebooks)

Step-by-Step Pyrography for Beginners (Sourcebooks)

Aney Carver

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Fire up your creativity with the gorgeous pyrography projects for beginners in this woodburning book

Pyrography—or the art of wood-burning—engages your senses like few other creative activities, from the aroma of sizzling wood to the sound of crackling as an image or design takes shape. Experience it for yourself with this beginner's pyrography book that includes all the basics you need to get started, and step-by-step instructions for 16 incredible woodburning projects you can do at home.

This woodburning patterns book helps you:

Build your beginner's kit — Find a detailed list of materials, including woodburning pens, the best types of wood to use, and necessary safety gear.

Learn key pyrography techniques —Develop your skills and craft your own unique style with 10 essential burning techniques, including outlining, shading, stippling, and texturing.

Explore starter projects —Practice everything you've learned with 16 simple woodburning patterns you can burn onto drink coasters, cutting boards, wall shelves, and more.

Explore the world of wood burning arts and crafts with 
Step-by-Step Pyrography for Beginners!