Small Amish Quilt Patterns

Small Amish Quilt Patterns

Rachel T Pellman

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The perfect book for anyone who loves the bold colors and patterns of traditional Amish quilts, but finds a full-sized quilt too big or too time-consuming to make. With 30 classic Amish patterns perfectly resized for crib quilts and wall hangings. Anyone who loves the bold colors and patterns of Amish quilts, but finds a full-size bedcover too big or too time-consuming to make, will love this book. Small Amish Quilt Patterns includes quilting and piecing templates, plus detailed instructions for creating crib and wall-sized quilts in some 30 traditional Amish patterns. Color and fabric suggestions, quilting tips, and diagrams throughout the book are included to help recreate, in smaller size, the beauty of Amish quilts. Small Amish Quilt Patterns is a companion to the gallery book, Amish Crib Quilts, which pictures more than 200 quilts, all in the rich color of the original masterpieces. The patterns and quilting templates offered in Small Amish Quilt Patterns have been selected from the quilts shown in Amish Crib Quilts. Quiltmakers will find color and piecing inspiration in that volume by seeing what early Amish quiltmakers created with the same patterns.