Simple Hand Sewing: 35 slow stitching and mindful mending projects

Simple Hand Sewing: 35 slow stitching and mindful mending projects

Laura Strutt

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Feel the benefits of sewing by hand for your wellbeing and for the planet with these mindful and sustainable makes.

Hand sewing is a great way to practice mindfulness through craft. Laura Strutt has designed these 35 projects specially to develop your hand-sewing skills, but also to help you slow down, enjoy the moment, and appreciate the rewards of your work. Using a number of different techniques including visible mending, sashiko, embroidery, thread doodling, boro, and abstract embroidery, Laura shows you how to incorporate these methods into making something useful, creative, and sustainable. For the home, you can make a boro bowl from scraps of fabric, or adorn a simple cushion cover with an embroidered mandala. From your closet, revive a beanie hat by adding some floral embroidery to the rim, or use sashiko stitching on fabric-covered buttons for a new look. Decorate your home with a floating embroidery design in a hoop, or a simple banner using colourful couching stitches over twisted rope. Think of the planet as you upcycle a blouse with detail stitching and new sleeve trim, or make elbow patches to cover the holes in your favorite sweater. Whichever project you choose, take time to enjoy the process and simply sew.