Shaping Knitting: A Designer's Guide to Understanding Stitches

Shaping Knitting: A Designer's Guide to Understanding Stitches

Alison Ellen

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Shaping Knitting delves into stitch structure and how different stitches work together to alter not just the thickness of the knitting but also its shaping, and how this can be harnessed when making both fabric and garments. Written for knitters and designers, it encourages exploration and experimentation with the aim of gaining a greater understanding of knitted textures, patterns and shaping. This book looks at the reasons for knitting in different directions and at the advantages of beginning at the top, the side or at any point, as well as the traditional bottom edge. It can also be used as a reference book or as a starting point on a journey into knitting. Alison Ellen takes a special approach to designing, playing with stitches and the direction of knitting to allow the structure of the fabric itself and the three-dimensional form of the garment to emerge seamlessly together.