Sewing Made Simple (T)

Sewing Made Simple (T)


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Hands down, the best introduction to sewing! If you are a new crafter or aspiring sewer, it's just as easy to learn the basics of sewing the right way, right away – and avoid problems from the get-go. Since nobody does sewing better than the folks at Threads, you'll want to get Sewing Made Simple —it's packed with expert advice that makes sewing easy and fun.

The perfect refresher course for anyone who sews. If you've been away from sewing, or never really learned the proper techniques, Sewing Made Simple is the answer for you, too. It will show you how to get back on track and build your skills on a firm foundation. And it's a handy reference to go back to any time you have a question.

Simple projects with lots of style. Sewing Made Simple isn't just lessons, it includes some fabulous projects you'll enjoy making for yourself or as gifts, including:

  • A roomy tote bag for work or the beach
  • Gorgeous scarves that can look casual or fancy
  • Today's most-wanted bag _—– the clutch
  • Pillows for every room of the house and more.

Expert tips get you up to speed quickly. Threads editors share their vast experience with you including pointers for setting up a cool sewing spot, the best tools and notions to buy, and plenty of helpful tips. If you liked sewing before, Sewing Made Simple will be the start of a love affair with sewing.

176 pages