Scraps Inc Vol. 2

Scraps Inc Vol. 2

Susan Woods

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Being scrappy can make you oh so happy! Are there left-over scraps of beautiful fabric lying around the house because you just can’t bear to toss them out? Good! Because your love of scrap is about to serve you well as you tackle these fun, easy scrap-based quilting projects in Scraps, Inc. Volume 2. This DIY project-based book will show you how to take bits and pieces from other projects and turn them into the loveliest, most unique items to cherish or to give as gifts.

Shop your stash—save your cash. The beauty of these 15 unique scrap projects is that they are created from materials you most likely already have. It’s the ultimate in recycling. Plus, importing swatches of fabric from other projects you’ve already created is a sweet reminder of that item, the time you created it and even the person you gave it to.

With Scraps Inc. Vol. 2 you get:

  • 15 new, modern, innovative scrap projects with patterns
  • 90 detailed illustrations and 80 color photographs to instruct and inspire
  • Tips and ideas from well-known quilters

The perfect projects for the modern quilter. Scrap quilts can be tricky to design due to the variety of color challenges that random scraps can introduce, but these dynamic patterns solve those issues through clearly illustrated color schematics. Let Scraps, Inc. Vol. 2 be your source of quilting inspiration.