Retro Crochet

Retro Crochet

Nikki Trench

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Capture the spirit of the 1960s and '70s with these 35 patterns for scarves, skirts, tank tops, turbans, and more.

Do you have a passion for vintage fashion? If so, you’re guaranteed to love the 35 patterns in Retro Crochet. The combination of cute, quirky, and cozy clothes and accessories means you can find something for any occasion. If you’re meeting friends for coffee, the tank top in orange and black is perfect teamed with jeans and flats. Heading out to see a band? Opt for the crocheted skirt with brogues. For the summer months, there’s a cute crop top to wear to the beach and cool cover-ups to put on when the sun goes down. The accessories are also perfect for giving a new lease of life to last year’s fashion—try pairing the collar with an old dress or coat. Making your own clothes is so fun and rewarding, and even if you have never crocheted before, there's an extensive techniques section explaining everything you need to know.