Quilted Cherries

Quilted Cherries

Ann Hazelwood

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Everyone loves cherries, especially if they are from Door County, Wisconsin

 Claire and her best friend Cher are once again planning the Door to Door Quilt show and the theme is Quilted Cherries. It is also the theme of their quilt challenge. Claire is doing her best without Grayson, her significant other, since she refused his proposal. A well known artist, Foster Collins, is happy to replace him, but Claire is not very receptive. Whatever could go wrong, does go wrong at the outdoor quilt show. How does it survive and what could possibly be a good ending for Claire?

  • Fourth in the Door County Quilts series from best-selling author Ann Hazelwood
  • In the newest installment, Claire plans an outdoor quilt show and juggles her complicated love life
  • Adventures, quilts, romance, and more! Claire Stewart takes readers on a riveting journey