Quick Icelandic Knits

Quick Icelandic Knits

Gunn Birgirsdottir

  • $11.48

From broad techniques to detailed patterns, this book is brimming with knitwear inspired by Iceland's extensive knitting tradition, but it's more than a pattern book—it's an idea book.

Get familiar with the basics of knitting in the round, including the design fundamentals of sweaters with hoods, collars, and special edgings. Discover the elements of traditional Icelandic patterning—and then shake them up! Every pattern in the book, from silky-soft sweaters and cozy cardigans to beanies, slippers, and flip-top mittens, is a breeze to adjust. Change the colors, mix the patterns, and in no time you'll have designs of your own that will keep anyone, child or adult, warm from head to toe.

Featuring guides to understanding raglan shaping, knitting with beads, and adding pockets and button bands, plus a special section on felting hats, slippers, mittens, and bags, Quick Icelandic Knits is sure to inspire knitters of all skill levels to explore the possibilities.