Print Paint and Ink (T)

Print Paint and Ink (T)

Andie Powers

  • $8.48

Minimum order 3 Mix and Match

Over 20 modern one-of-a-kind projects. Print, Paint & Ink is perfect for everyone interested in learning to make their own stamps, prints, and painted accessories. With clear instruction and beautiful photography, authors Andie Powers and Emily Grosse of Assemble Shop & Studio will teach you all you need to know to create beautiful patterns, prints, and designs for a stylish home and life.

Thanks to step-by-step directions and the included templates, the 21 projects in Print, Paint & Ink are perfect for every skill level. From the easy and adorable Teeny Tiny Eraser Stamps to the stylish Furoshiki Wrap to the modern and minimalist Nesting Poplar Boxes and so much more, including:

  • Wood Bauble Necklace
  • Scandinavian Mini Blanket
  • Fruit and Veggie Dye Swatches
  • Sketched Salt and Pepper Jars
  • Cork-Stamped Wrapping Paper
  • Stenciled Cocktail Napkins
  • Simple Felt Placemat
  • Honeycomb Linoleum Block Stamp
  • Stamped + Embroidered Table Runner
  • Matchbox Confetti Boxes
  • Spirographed Tote
  • Clothespin Garland
  • Mini Adventure Logs
  • Campfire Stones
  • Paint-Dipped Branch Hooks
  • Color-Blocked Stone Paperweights
  • Friendly Porcelain Egg Cups
  • Japanese Stab-Bound Guestbook