Patchwork Braids: 13 Quick & Easy Quilted Projects   **Release 1/25/25

Patchwork Braids: 13 Quick & Easy Quilted Projects **Release 1/25/25

Kate Carlson Colleran

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Enrich your quilted projects with easily pieced braids!

Explore your quilting creativity with an easy-to-master braid technique that opens a world of possibilities! Learn diverse ways to incorporate braids into your quilted projects, playing with sizes, colors, squares, and pieced strips to create unique designs. Practice and show off your newfound skills with 13 easy-to-follow projects.

Turn your quilting projects into masterpieces with braids that frame the entire quilt, border a panel, accent a motif, and more! Braids can elevate your quilting game and make each stitch a testament to your artistic flair.

  • Learn a must-have braid technique that adds a touch of sophistication and versatility to your quilting toolkit
  • Show off your new skills with 13 quilted projects, including bags, pillows, and full-sized quilts, and more
  • Embrace creative freedom! Braids allow you to use fabric scraps or follow a specific color plan