Paper Stars (T)

Paper Stars (T)

Karen-Marie Fabricius

  • $9.98

Minimum order 3 Mix and Match (T)

Scandinavian style is a popular design trend that is here to stay, and paper stars are featured heavily in this style. In Paper Stars, well-known artist Karen-Marie Fabricius provides 25 charming designs, each with detailed step-by-step instructions and gorgeous photographs. Crafters will also find complete advice  on the techniques required, such as quilling, as well necessary tools and materials to purchase. Karen-Marie even shows how to make your own tools.

These pretty paper stars are not only perfect for Christmas, but they also look wonderful year-round, hanging on a window, from the mantelpiece, on cupboard doors, or as unique adornments for birthday presents. Making these paper stars is a fun craft for the entire family.