Naughty Medieval Embroidery   **Release 10/4/24

Naughty Medieval Embroidery **Release 10/4/24

Tanya Bentham

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Naughty Medieval Embroidery comes with an adult warning. This practical book explains a range of techniques used in medieval embroidery from simple stem stitch to more complicated silk and goldwork. However, rather than the usual examples of flowers and shields, it includes more colourful aspects of medieval life from cheeky demons to penis-picking nuns. This book is a wonderful romp for embroiderers who dare to enjoy stitching some alternative pieces. Clear step-by-step instructions to over 16 projects which progress in difficulty, Practical advice on design and stitching, and tips on pitfalls to avoid, Informed detail on the projects, plus a lot of encouragement and good cheer. Over 600 illustrations support the text, including templates for the projects