Modern Macrame Style

Modern Macrame Style

Amaia Martin

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Modern Macramé Style is the ultimate guide into the world of macramé for beginners.

Macramé expert Amaia Martin, from La Terra Macramé, has created 20 unique projects to introduce you to this millenary art and make you fall in love with it!

You will be working with sustainable materials such as recycled cotton, jute and raffia, to create a selection of plant hangers, wall hangings and lifestyle items, that will help you develop your macramé skills, as well as adding warmth and a bohemian touch to your home interior.

Throughout the book, you will find tips and design variations that will allow you to adapt the projects to your style by using different fibers, colors or techniques.

Learn over 10 macramé knots and patterns that will allow you to master this craft and start making your own designs in the future. The world of Modern Macramé will be at your feet! You will be able to create anything from simple plant hangers to intricate lampshades, rugs or even a macramé chair.

You will also be introduced to another of Amaia’s passions, plants. She has selected her top 10 indoor plants to complement each of the plant hangers in this book, and added care tips to keep them looking their best.

Get ready for a crafty journey to a beautiful and sustainable home!