Mandala Coloring Book

Mandala Coloring Book

Clare Goodwin

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Take your coloring to a whole new spiritual level with the Mandala Coloring Book. A mandala is a Hindhu and Buddhist symbol representing the universe. Each mandala consists of a symmetrical series of serene concentric circles revolving around a center core. Resembling elaborate sundials and kaleidoscopic designs alike, the mandalas use repetitive elements like diamonds, stars, triangles and hearts—each awaiting color from your pencil or marker. These universally appealing beautiful creations are often used in therapeutic applications, or to spiritually enlighten. Some even use mandalas to aid in achieving meditative states. The Mandala Coloring Book is filled with a lovely selection of mandalas from mandala expert and creator Clare Goodwin. Using a special computer software called MandalaMaker™ designed by her husband, Goodwin creates unique and breathtaking mandalas.

Whether you lose yourself in the coloring of one of these mesmerizing designs or use them to decorate a serene space at home, viewing a mandala promises to inspire a sense of calm and tranquility. The Mandala Coloring Book is not your ordinary coloring book, and it will inspire children and adults alike. For more fabulous and unconventional coloring books, check out other books in the series, including Impressionist Coloring Book, Stained Glass Coloring Book and Victoriana Coloring Book.