Leathercrafting DIY: 32 Timeless Projects Plus Techniques

Leathercrafting DIY: 32 Timeless Projects Plus Techniques

Yoko Ganaha

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Featuring hundreds of very clear step-by-step photos, these projects give beginner and intermediate-level crafters everything needed to make contemporary, stylish leather items. First up are 23 projects based on simple structures, then 9 more based on intermediate structures, arranged in skill-building sequence. That approach—emphasizing the underlying shapes that leatherwork is based on—allows you to understand the concepts behind the work for better results. Enjoy making bags, water bottle holders, ornaments, office accessories, binoculars cases, and more, and learn ways to use dyeing, decorating methods, embossing, and metal fittings. The basics are here for learning or reference, including preparing patterns, rough cutting, transferring patterns, punching stitching holes, cutting, burnishing, gluing, and finishing. Each of these leather creations allows for infinite variations, making this your go-to project resource for years to come.