Knitted Nursery Rhymes (T)

Knitted Nursery Rhymes (T)

Sarah Keen

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Once upon a time there was a perfect little how-to guide to knitting toys…and it taught knitters just like you how to easily recreate traditional characters from best-loved tales…characters such as Humpty-Dumpty, Little Miss Muffet, Jack and Jill, plus delightful animals that children know and love including five little ducks, and five little monkeys. This is no tall tale…yes, it’s true…it’s a book called Knitted Nursery Rhymes…and you’ll love it, through and through!

This charming guidebook brings you 15 adorable nursery rhyme toy projects of different levels to knit from scratch. All the original rhymes are featured alongside the knitting patterns, so you can snuggle up with your favorite child and pour over the pages together. What a treat!

Knitted Nursery Rhymes includes:

  • 15 easy-to-follow patterns that appeal to a wide range of abilities
  • Instructions for how to use DK yarn, which is durable and child-friendly
  • A comprehensive, illustrated techniques section
  • Expert instruction from the master knitter known for creating the most lovable children’s toys