Just Imagine & Play! Dinosaurs Activity Book

Just Imagine & Play! Dinosaurs Activity Book

Mattia Cerato

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Just Imagine & Play: Dinosaurs Activity Book is your prehistoric destination for all kinds of young child friendly activities like puzzles, games, mazes, and more!

Go on a Jurassic excursion without having to build a time machine! In Just Imagine & Play Dinosaur Activity Book you'll discover a fold-out play scene, reusable stickers and press-out, stand-up characters to customize your own adventure!

This is your chance to create your own dino-riffic world with velociraptors, pterodactyls, and even the King of the Dinosaurs, the Tyrannosaurus rex. Plus prehistoric plants and other creatures. Discover puzzles, games, and fun factsabout this wild world in this 48-page activity book. Kids will love the huge variety of fun filled mazes, quizzes, drawing and coloring pages, and plenty more.

Filled with colorful illustrations of all kinds of creatures, this Dinosaur Activity Book is the perfect way to experience the wonder of dinosaurs of all types, without having to actually go back in time.