Handwear Handbook (Cosplay)

Handwear Handbook (Cosplay)

Gillian Conahan

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Your go-to handbook for costume handwear

Making gloves is a notorious test of cosplay craft. Novices and experienced costume makers alike find them fiddly, time-consuming, and tricky to fit, but too often essential to complete a look. Handwear Handbook guides readers through all the techniques and tips to create all forms of hand and arm-wear, building up from basic cuffs and bracers to fully gusseted gloves, armor, and more! Covering every step of the process ― from material selection to final embellishments ― professional stage costumer Gillian Conahan demystifies glove making and offers crafters of all levels a repertoire of basic pieces that can adapt to any style.

  • Hand and arm wear are costume staples across all popular genres, from princesses to wizards and superheroes to anime!

  • Get all the expert coaching you need to create unique costume pieces from basic cuffs to gusseted gloves.

  • Includes basic sewing and decorative techniques and instructions on working with knits, wovens, and leather.