Hand Spinning

Hand Spinning

Pam Austen

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Hand spinning is a peaceful, wholesome and creative craft that can bring immense joy and satisfaction to a busy life. This beautiful book explains how to spin unique yarn using natural raw materials such as fleece, flax and silk. It aims to teach, encourage and inspire spinners to extend their skills and uncover the mystique surrounding the long draw, the hallmark skill of accomplishment in hand spinning. It includes over 200 supporting images and clear step-by-step instructions on spinning methods, fibre preparation, colour skills, dyeing, yarn structure, art and yarn design. It will bring inspiration and pleasure to all spinners, regardless of experience or expertise.|Gives clear and precise instructions for the long draw, worsted and core-spinning techniques that determine yarn quality and performanceOutlines how to choose and prepare fleece, flax, silk and camelid fibre for hand spinningIncludes proven definite colour skills that will personalize and enhance hand-spun workDescribes dyeing animal and vegetable fibre and yarn, without special materials or equipment, using natural and synthetic dyesEncourages use of classic yarn structures such as boucle, gimp, coils, and crepe, as design features for unusual visual and textural effectIndividual hand-spun work illustrates the concept of art yarn and the design processSuggests projects for the mindful spinner, from making a Shetland hap to creating art yarn that has meaning, artistry and purpose