Great Cake Decorating (T)

Great Cake Decorating (T)

Erin Gardener

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Yes, you can be a cake-baking superstar! Whether you are a bride on a budget, a mom baking for a birthday, or a cook who needs to control ingredients, Great Cake Decorating has something for you. Author Erin Gardner provides you with a complete guide for making the delicious cake, to fillings, frostings, and, of course, decorative designs that are a whole lot more than the icing on cake!

Decorate like you mean it. An award-winning cake maker, Erin Gardner shares her vast expertise in step-by-step instructions and her unique “make it or fake it” tips. She will show you how to make modern, fresh, fun, bakery-style treats right in your own kitchen. With Great Cake Decorating, you can dress up a plain cake on a moment’s notice – it’s easy with her fruit rollup trick that makes pretty cake flowers in a flash. Or learn professional techniques for molding exquisite flowers and satin-smooth fondant for a grand and gorgeous wedding cake that steals the show!

This complete guide takes the cake. Great Cake Decorating has all the ingredients for sweet success, including:

  • 20 mouth-watering cake and filling recipes
  • 30 beautiful design ideas
  • Make it or fake it tips
  • Pointers for making cupcakes,
  • Expert decorating techniques
  • Time-saving shortcuts and more