Granny Square Crochet

Granny Square Crochet

Catherine Hirst

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Make more than 35 fabulous projects, from quick and easy scarves and mug cozies to blankets and arm warmers.

Versatile and easy to make, the granny square is the ideal starting point for many people when they first learn to crochet. In Granny Square Crochet, crochet teacher Catherine Hirst presents 35 projects which show how this traditional block can be updated and used in many different ways. The first chapter has more than a dozen projects for the home, ranging from a blue-and-white mug cozy which can be made in less than an hour to a stunning bed cover. There are pillows and seat covers to brighten up your living room, as well as placemats and a runner for your table. The second chapter has some beautiful accessories, including gloves, a scarf, bags, and even a dog coat to keep your pets warm in winter. The third chapter has a great range of patterns to make as gifts for children and babies, such as blankets, bibs, hats, and toys. Each project is graded according to the level of skill required, and there is a comprehensive basic techniques chapter explaining all you need to know.