Fractals Coloring Book

Fractals Coloring Book

Julien Clinton Sprott

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Use the carefully crafted outlines in this gorgeous coloring book to produce your own stunning fractal artwork with colored pencils, markers, or crayons while improving your artistic skills and having fun. Some of the most intriguing patterns are found in fractals. Never-ending with shapes reminiscent of objects seen in nature, fractals contain miniature copies of themselves.

In this book you will find a rich source of beautiful patterns just waiting for you to bring them to life with vivid colors. Assembled here is a treasure trove of fractal outlines, both ancient and modern, that you will love to personalize and make your own. Take your coloring to a whole new creative level with the Fractal Coloring Book. Whether you lose yourself in the coloring of one of these mesmerizing designs or use them to decorate a serene space at home, viewing a colorful fractal promises to inspire a sense of calm and tranquility.

The Fractal Coloring Book is not your ordinary coloring book, and it will inspire children and adults alike. For more fabulous and unconventional coloring books, check out other books in the series, including Impressionist Coloring Book, Fairies Coloring Book, Flowers Coloring Book, Tattoo Coloring Book, Mandala Coloring Book and Victoriana Coloring Book. There is no right or wrong way to choose colors for these wonderful objects, a happy fact that leaves you free to let your imagination be your guide.