Forage & Stitch: A creative guide to using natural materials in textile art

Forage & Stitch: A creative guide to using natural materials in textile art

Caroline Hyde-Brown

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Techniques and projects for textiles that celebrate and use natural everyday objects.

Step outside with Caroline Hyde-Brown and learn how to find natural materials to great beautiful fiber art.

Suitable for all levels and abilities, find a wealth of instruction and inspiration on how to incorporate naturally foraged materials such as leaves, grasses, lichen and dried flowers into your artwork.

  • Discover a range of textile techniques, to support and complement your natural materials design -  hand and machine stitching, solar dyeing, felting, hapa-zome and more. 

  • Caroline has carefully created a small project, based on her own artworks, after each newly introduced method, so you can put your new skills into practice.

Throughout, Caroline stresses the importance of taking your time with each method and working organically, letting your foraged goods guide your design. This is an approach that not only encourages an intuitive creative process, but develops a more mindful, positive experience for the artist too.  

Interwoven with practical guidance and projects are Caroline's stunning gallery of works, offering inspirational examples of how to take your work farther, and simultaneously demonstrating nature's abundance and its variety.