Flower Arranging for Beginners  (Sourcebooks)

Flower Arranging for Beginners (Sourcebooks)

Amy Barene

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Your ultimate guide to building beautiful bouquets

Flowers are a gorgeous gift from nature! They can boost your mood or brighten a room—and custom flower arrangements are an amazing way to express yourself as you bring the beauty of the outdoors in. With this beginner's guide to flower arranging, you'll discover the secrets to matching colors and styles and creating a cohesive aesthetic that transforms your favorite flowers into stunning centerpieces.

  • Gather your materials —Discover what it takes to assemble a healthy bouquet, from assessing and preparing flowers to the right tools, and choosing a vase or vessel.
  • Explore floral design —Learn about the artistic elements that help create eye-catching arrangements, like color scheme, texture, harmony, and scale.
  • Get ready to arrange —Experiment with 25 classic and contemporary arrangements that feature vivid illustrations and simple, step-by-step instructions to ensure success.

Liven up your space with this beginner-friendly flowering arranging book .