Explorations with Collage!: Merging Photographs, Paper, and Fiber

Explorations with Collage!: Merging Photographs, Paper, and Fiber

Wen Redmond

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Schiffer requires an order of 15 ore more books mixed and matched

Using these 42 techniques taught by renowned artist Redmond, makers can incorporate digital collage elements to enrich their mixed-media work.

A digital collage technique layers together virtual images into a new piece of art, ready for mixed-media and collage makers to use as an eye-opening element. Artist and teacher Wen Redmond shows how by sharing 42 of her main techniques (and many variations) here.

• Makes incorporating digital techniques nonintimidating and exciting, thanks to Wen's engaging mantra of "The only limit is your imagination!"
• Step-by-step photos and instructions for each technique, plus demonstration projects
• Hundreds of images of Wen's artworks show options and ideas.
• The techniques can be added to mixed-media projects, fiber art, or photography.
• One-of-a-kind, innovative methods; for example, creatively converting black-and-white images, making borders using sneaky merging, applying words in ways ranging from stitched to easy silkscreen, creating medium lifts, embedding papers, and experimenting with more than a dozen types of transfer methods.
• Offers a realization new to many makers: combining color, text, and imagery in digital ways helps communicate feelings, memories, or an appreciation of our natural world.