Easy Knits for Beautiful Yarns

Easy Knits for Beautiful Yarns

Toby Roxane Barna

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Drawn to a beautiful, unique yarn, but not sure what to do with it? Look no further. Gorgeous hand-dyed, variegated, self-striping, speckled, and other fun yarns abound for the knitter today, but sometimes the color variations and changes can make it difficult to find patterns that allow the yarn to shine. Oftentimes, the simpler the pattern, the more the yarn gets to take center stage. With this in mind, Toby designed all of the pieces in this book--hats, shawls, mittens, sweaters, and more--to let the yarn be the main feature.

The 21 designs are written at a level for the motivated knitter who has made a scarf or two and is ready to move on to something a little more interesting and unique. Sidebars with photos and notes explain techniques that may be unfamiliar to beginners so that you can fearlessly make any piece. More experienced knitters can relax into these patterns and enjoy their showcase yarn as it slides along their needles and becomes a masterpiece of color.