Demystifying Double Knitting

Demystifying Double Knitting

Nathan Taylor

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Master the art of double knitting to produce reversible, double-layered, multi-coloured knits. In its simplest form, double knitting is a form of colour work that creates a dual-layered, two-sided fabric, without there being an unattractive or float-ridden ‘wrong side'. It is therefore different to any other knitting technique and can mystify novices and experienced knitters alike. Demystifying Double Knitting takes the mystery out of the process with step-by-step explanations of the key techniques, illustrated with detailed photographs. Once the fundamentals are mastered, you can then learn to move beyond basic stocking stitch and introduce texture, shaping and even non-mirrored designs to your work. Whether you're new to the technique or simply want to understand it better, this book offers an accessible introduction to double knitting and a celebration of the creative opportunities it offers.