Cursed Crochet

Cursed Crochet


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Crochet hilariously upside-down versions of cartoon characters, video game heroes, and childhood toys with the first-ever AI-generated crochet book showcasing the extremely weird, bad-good patterns made by a computer.

What happens when you ask ChatGPT to write an amigurumi pattern?

In early 2023, we asked the groundbreaking AI platform to create adorable crochet patterns of beloved characters and our favorite animals. Instead, we were left with charmingly strange versions of these creatures that delighted and horrified, like:

  • Squooshward, a confused adaptation of Spongebob's grouchy neighbor
  • Beige Space Baby, a flesh-colored horror in the general shape of beloved Baby Yoda
  • Burfy, an even more terrifying version of the cursed 90s children's toy
  • Oopa, a deranged interpretation of Aang's trusty flying bison
  • And more!

Whether you're a beginner crocheter or an advanced yarn worker, grab your copy and stitch along with these patterns that are completely wrong, slightly strange, but above all hilariously fun.