Crochet with String (T)

Crochet with String (T)

Jemima Schlee

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Taunton requires an order of 3, which can be mixed and matched

Everyone has at least one long-forgotten ball of string lurking at the back of a drawer. This handy booklet shows you how to transform an everyday, mundane item into an array of exciting makes for your home. From rustic garden twine to soft cotton braid, the pleasingly tactile nature of string makes it perfect for crocheting crafty treasures. All the basic techniques and know-how are explained, with clear step-by-step instructions and pictures accompanying all 9 projects.

Projects include: Dish scrubs, Pot holders, Desk trays, Coin purse, Jam-jar candleholders, Bath mat,  Storage boxes.

· 9 eye-catching projects made from string

· Clear step-by-step instructions and pictures

· Comprehensive techniques section