Crochet Ragdolls

Crochet Ragdolls

Sascha Blase-Van Wagtendonk

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Every child should have a soft, crocheted buddy to love and cuddle!

These crochet ragdolls are specially designed to be huggable lovies for the little ones or loyal playmates for slightly older children. Many of the animals have patterns for both a large "mom or dad" version and a baby version, including the monkey, frog, cat, bunny, crocodile, dog, hippo, owl, kangaroo, fox, sheep, and penguin. There are also patterns for a mouse, horse, panda, unicorn, princess, and robot, and even a section on how to make little clothes for them to wear.

Step-by-step instructions are given for all of the crocheted parts, as well as details on how to assemble. In addition, all of the crochet techniques used in the book are explained so that even beginners can make these ragdolls.