Crochet Girls    **release 6/28/24

Crochet Girls **release 6/28/24

Colleen Lynch

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Crochet in a day!

Get ready to stitch the cutest crochet girls ever! Inside this endearing book, you will learn how to make 
10 adorable crochet girls in a flat style that’s tailor-made for appliqué projects.

You’ll get started with a foundational Classic Girl project that teaches you how to stitch the basic components, including the head, hair, neck, and torso. After that, you will learn how to elaborate on the design to create 9 unique girls by adding special details, different hairstyles, and fun accessories. Each project includes 
two different skin tones and a cute add-on item. Once the projects are stitched, you will learn how to apply them to a variety of surfaces to make adorable gifts and décor, including tote bagsmagnetsframed art, a denim jacket, and more.

A Day of Crafting Delight: From a single sunrise to sunset, watch as your crochet creations come to life. Stitch 10 charming characters with step-by-step guidance.
Crochet Mastery: Master the essentials of crochet as you embark on this creative odyssey. Each stitch is a brushstroke of artistry, transforming yarn into enchanting characters that beckon smiles.
Personalized Panache: Explore the art of adding personality through coordinating accessories. With each accessory, your girls evolve into unique individuals, each with her own captivating story to tell.
From Crafts to Treasured Gifts: Learn how to appliqué the projects to a variety of surfaces to make great gifts, accessories, and home décor items.

This wonderful book makes crochet easy, accessible, and fun!