Create & Color: Unique Horns and Unicorns

Create & Color: Unique Horns and Unicorns

Clare Younis

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Calling all drawing and doodling enthusiasts! Filled with dozens of creative prompts and ideas, Unique Horns & Unicorns invites you to take a fun and fantastical journey through the world of unicorn mash-ups.

If you’re ready to take your creative talents to imaginative new heights, this book from the Create & Color series is just for you. Unique Horns & Unicorns offers tons of drawing, doodling, and coloring prompts and ideas for creating unique unicorn mash-ups. Mix and match the characters with a variety of colorful, patterned horns and manes to create a rainbow of magical unicorn creatures, including:

  • Koala-corns (unicorn + koala)
  • Uni-clucks (unicorn + chicken)
  • Corn-dogs (unicorn + dog)
  • Uni-pigs (unicorn + pig)

The combinations are endless! Whatever your age or skill level, you will enjoy creating giggle-worthy artwork using a range of mixed media.