Create & Color: The Mermaid's Book of Tails

Create & Color: The Mermaid's Book of Tails

Clare Younis

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Calling all drawing and doodling enthusiasts! Filled with dozens of creative prompts and ideas, The Mermaid's Book of Tails invites you to take a fun and fantastical journey through the world of mermaid mash-ups.

If you’re ready to take your creative talents to imaginative new heights, this book from the Create & Color series is just for you. The Mermaid's Book of Tails offers tons of drawing, doodling, and coloring prompts and ideas for creating mer-mazing doodle mash-ups. Mix and match the characters with a variety of colorful, patterned tails to create a myriad of different merfolk, including:

  • Mer-bots (mermaid + robot)
  • Mer-garoos (mermaid + kangaroo)
  • Mer-kats (mermaid + lion)
  • Mer-osaurs (mermaid + dinosaur)

The combinations are endless! Whatever your age or skill level, you will enjoy creating giggle-worthy artwork using a range of mixed media.

The Create & Color series includes loads of silly creatures to draw, doodle, and mash up in order to create even more fantastical critters. Learn to work with crayon, colored pencil, marker, watercolor, and even collage to create outrageously cute drawings designed to make you laugh out loud. Follow along with the step-by-step projects or design your own silly mash-ups from scratch.