Crafting with Slander (Volume 3) (Gasper's Cove Mysteries, 3)  **Release 5/25/24

Crafting with Slander (Volume 3) (Gasper's Cove Mysteries, 3) **Release 5/25/24

Barbara Emodi

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Corruption, chaos, and murder―Valerie Rankin is faced with a killer as crafty as she is.

Valerie Rankin is back in Gasper's Cove as a mayoral election brings chaos to the small town. A corrupt political scheme controls the town, and Valerie's cousin, Darlene, an ex-hairdresser, decides to run for mayor. With the help of Valerie and the Gasper's crafters, the group crafts a successful campaign. However, false rumors quickly spread about Darlene. Valerie moves to confront mayoral opponent Mighty Mike Murphy only to find him dead with one of her own stenciled campaign signs next to his body. Afraid that she or Darlene could be framed for his murder, Valerie must hunt down a killer before it's too late.

  • The third book in this cozy mystery series is set in a world of political corruption, murder, and crafts
  • Mystery lovers and crafters alike will adore immersing themselves in this warm, quirky mystery featuring empty-nester Valerie Rankin and her efforts to re-invigorate the family business and her hometown
  • A perfect gift for anyone who loves crafting, sewing, or simply a great read