Contemporary Weaving in Mixed Media

Contemporary Weaving in Mixed Media

Rachna Garodia

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This glorious book is a modern guide to weaving, an ancient craft that is reaching new heights of popularity, from acclaimed contemporary weaver and textile artist Rachna Garodia.

It contains a wealth of practical advice and tons of inspiration for every aspect of this endlessly adaptable craft, from gathering materials to making and exhibiting ambitious woven masterpieces, bringing in a wide selection of mixed media. Meditative and calming, a session at the loom is a great way to relax, and create something beautiful in the process. And you don’t need expensive equipment: you can start your weaving journey on a small wooden frame or even a piece of cardboard, and it’s now easy to book time on larger looms outside the home. The book includes:

  • Choosing a loom, from the simplest small frames to sophisticated table and floor looms.
  • Design and planning: taking inspiration from the natural world, sketching, photographing, making moodboards and exploring colour.
  • Gathering materials: from natural straw, grass, flowers, feathers, bark and seedpods to more traditional yarns and threads and even paper and photographs.
  • Personalising your work by incorporating well-loved old fabrics and precious sentimental items.
  • Unusual techniques: weaving with photographs or directly onto handmade paper, three-dimensional sculptural weaving, non-loom techniques such as looping and netting.

Gorgeously illustrated with work from the author and other artists from around the world, this book is an engaging and beautiful introduction to weaving for established textile artists or those coming to the craft for the first time.