Colour Pencil Drawing

Colour Pencil Drawing

Kendra Ferreira

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Learn how to draw with colored pencils by following this easy and accessible guide, in which award-winning artist Kendra Ferreira demonstrates the creative potential of an exciting and highly versatile artistic medium. Colored pencils combine the expressiveness of painting with the control of drawing. They allow for really rich and luminous color, with finished drawings being so detailed and pigmented that they resemble paintings.

With 10 step-by-step tutorials, Kendra helps beginners learn:

  • the fundamentals of drawing and colored-pencil techniques. 
  • tutorials covering a range of subject matter, including still lifes, portraits, clouds and landscapes.
  • advice on tools, materials and techniques, plenty of tips throughout and ideas on how to take each tutorial a step further.
  • special features on drawing skies, adding figures to a scene and how to create colorful greys and shadows.

Skills developed include: making marks, sketching and composition, creating tone, light and shade, mixing colors, layering, optical mixing, burnishing, underpainting, creating texture and using solvents for painterly effects.