Colorwork Socks (T)

Colorwork Socks (T)

Kathleen Taylor

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Minimum order 3 Mix and Match

Socks are wonderful to knit: small and portable, you can tuck them into your bag and take them anywhere. Hand knitted socks are long-lasting and unique, they can be made by beginners and by people who can knit in their sleep. These fabulous colorful patterns will inspire you, and tickle your knitting fancy along with your feet.

Try everything from checkerboard to intarsia to colorful argyle patterns. Plus, get a special section demystifying heel and toe construction.

These seven original colorwork sock patterns to knit showcase Kathleen Taylor’s signature simple, stylish designs.

Stripes and Stairsteps Sock; Argyle Border Sock; One-Skein Checkerboard Sock; Nordic-Style Adult Sock; Snowflake House Sock;  Holiday Garland Sock; Mosaic Tile Sock. 32 pages