Color Basics for Makers: Understanding the Rainbow

Color Basics for Makers: Understanding the Rainbow

Lee Chappell Monroe

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Interactive guide to understand and apply the fundamentals of color!

Confidence is key when it comes to color! Join Lee Monroe as she shares the tips and tricks from her most popular art class useful for every crafter at any skill level. Using fine art and design knowledge, she shares an overview of color theory that demystifies the concepts. Learn the color fundamentals and get a clear understanding of how the saturation of the color pigment changes as white, black, or grey are added. Readers then explore what makes a successful palette and how different color combinations affect the mood of a finished piece. Try out the concepts in any medium with hands-on exercises and practical beginner-friendly projects. Elevate your art with a true understanding of color theory!

  • Learn to select and use color with confidence with hands-on exercises that demystifies choosing and using colors
  • For every crafter and artist! Work with fabrics, paint, embroidery, printmaking, colored pencils, and more
  • Gain insight on how to combine colors, and find practical applications for identifying colors, values, and purity